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  • How long will it take to learn to fly?
    The time it takes to learn how to fly varies from person to person. Transport Canada's 10 hour minimum requirement for an Ultralight Permit is not realistic in order to learn how to safely fly an Advanced Ultralight Aircraft, such as a Flight Design aircraft or an Evektor aircraft Expect to spend 25-40 hours during the training phase if you have no prior flying experience to get your ultralight pilot permit. We recommend students to target a realistic pace of taking for 6-10 hours of lessons per month. A skilled and dedicated student can complete the training in less than 6 months.
  • How much does it cost to get an ultralight permit?
    Expect to spend $10000-$15000 to learn how to fly an Advanced Ultralight at a relatively busy airport. It may be possible to reduce the cost by learning at a quiet airport and if you do not want to learn to fly within control zones or take cross-country trips.
  • Do I need a medical for an ultralight permit?
    A category 4, self-declared medical is required. The medical is a self-declared medical fitness condition unless you have/had certain illnesses listed on the form.
  • Do I need to complete ground school for Ultralights in order to get a licence
    Yes, you will need to complete a ground school and pass the Transport Canada ULTRA exam. Online ground school course is available here.
  • Do I need a aeronautical radio licence?
    Yes, you need to pass a radio licencing exam to get your aeronautical radio licence. Online radio course can be found here for study and preparation purposes. Once you are ready to write the exam, you will need someone to conduct the exam for you and submit the paperwork to issue the licence.
  • What exams do I need to write for the ultralight permit?
    You need to complete 3 exams. 1. Student Pilot Permit exam 2. Aeronautical Radio Licensing Exam 3. Transport Canada ULTRA exam
  • What is the difference between an Advanced Ultralight and a Basic Ultralight?
    Advanced Ultralights have a manufacturer recommended maintenance that must be followed. This category is somewhat similar to the LSA category in the USA (but not quite). Advanced Ultralights also allow you to carry a passenger, whereas you cannot carry a passenger in a Basic Ultralight unless the passenger is a pilot or an instructor.
  • Will my ultralight hours count towards the Private Pilot Licence (PPL)?
    Yes, Ultralight Permit holders will get 10 hours credit towards the Private Pilot Licence (PPL). In addition, getting an Ultralight Permit will help reduce the overall time you need to get your PPL as the required skills training in an Advanced Ultralight with our curriculum will help prepare you for your PPL licence.
  • Do I need a licence to fly an Ultralight in Canada?
    Yes, at a minmum, and Ultralight Pilot Permit is required to fly an Ultralight in Canada. Private PIlot Licence (PPL) holders and Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) holders can also fly an Ultralight.
  • Do ultralight training hours count towards the Recreational Pilot Permit?
    Ultralight Permit holders can count ALL training hours towards the Recreational Pilot Permit experience requirement
  • What are the requirements to carry a passsenger in an Advanced Ultralight?
    To obtain a passenger carrying rating, the requirements are: -25 hours of total training including minimum 15 hours of dual training, 5 hours of solo, and 2 hours dual cross-country flight time
  • Do you sell gift cards or gift certificates?
    Yes, Skyview Ultralights sells both e-gift certificates and e-gift cards. Gift certificates and cards can be used for birthday gifts, christmas gifts, or any other special occasions
  • Do I need any prior experience to take an introductory flight lesson?
    The introductory flight lesson is meant to introduce you to the basics of flying and experience what it feels like to control a plane. No prior experience is required as you will be under the guidance of a qualified instructor.
  • How old do I have to be to take an introductory flight?
    You must be at least 12 years old to take an introductory flight
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