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What We Fly

Skyview Ultralights only uses and flies Advanced Ultralight aircrafts which

must meet manufacturer's building and maintenace standards.  

Evektor SportStar


The Evektor SportStar is a sporty, nimble, responsive, safe and fun to fly aircraft.

See video for more information on the SportStar




2004 Sportstar C-IMJK Specifications:


Seats: 2

Cruising Speed: 80-90 knots

Fuel Burn: 3.5-4. gal/hr 

2006 Sportstar C-IIRH Specifications:

Seats: 2

Cruising Speed: 90-95 knots

Fuel Burn: 3.5-4. gal/hr 

Additional Features:  Dual Dynon Glass Panel Cockpit & Autopilot

Flight Design CTLS


The Flight Design CTLS is modern, state of the art Advanced Ultralight and is among the top seller in its category.  Our school is the only one in Canada with a such an aircraft available for

advanced training.




Seats: 2

Cruising Speed: 115 knots

Fuel Burn: 4 gal/hr 

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