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Rates Ultralight Flight Training
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Rent & Fly

Dual In-Flight Instruction Rate:  Starting at $265.00/hr + HST

Solo Aircraft Rental: Starting at$180.00/hr + HST (*over 100 hr PIC needed for non-students)

Instructor Rate-Ground Briefing Only:   $85.00/hr+HST

Instructor Rate - Special Purpose  or Training in owned aircraft: $110.00/hr+HST

New Student Enrollment Fee:  $300.00+HST

Headset Rental Rate per hour: $10.00+HST

(Headset rental not available during COVID-19 Pandemic)

Student Pilot Permit Test Admin & Issuance: $150.00+HST (for Skyview students)

Radio Licence Test & Issuance:  $100.00+HST (for Skyview students)

Cancellation  (less than 24 hr notice) and No-Show Fee:  Greater of $85.00 + HST or a 50%-100% Flight Time reduction for pre-paid flight/gift certificates at the time of redemption

Semi-Annual Fees:  Contact Us for details

Enjoy scenic  flights over Toronto, Niagara Falls, or any other area you want to fly over.  Have a chance to take control of the plane during the training flight!  Purchase your lessons or tours using e-gift cards, gift certificates or contact us today for more information.











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