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$100 Hamburger - Lindsay, Ontario CNF4

One of the "$100 Hamburger" destinations we had on our list to check off was at the Lindsay, Ontario airport. It was a nice spring day and we decided to take the Flight Design CTLS for this trip via downtown Toronto.

The flight departed from Burlington (CZBA), and as always, we shortly requested flight following from Toronto Terminal as we followed the lakeshore towards city center. Toronto Terminal typically hands off to city center around Port Credit but this time, it seemed odd that we didn't. We carried on until fairly close to the City Center zone. Thinking the controller likely forgot about us, I contacted them and he immediately handed us off to City Center. Given we were so close to the zone, we did an orbit to give us time to contact City Center Tower and get permission to transition the zone.

The rest of the flight to Lindsay was smooth an uneventful. The airport is a nice little place, not too busy. Parking was easy as it was fairly quiet. We had a quick bite at the restaurant before making our way back. Though we had heard this was one of the better airport restaurants around, our breakfast wasn't so great and a bit undercooked. I guess we'll have to try again to see if this was just bad luck.

On the return flight, we did some control zone practice landing at Oshawa, then taxiing back for takeoff to Burlington. As always, the city view was amazing flying along the lake back home to end a nice morning flight.

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