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TRIP SUMMARY: Burlington (CZBA) TO London (CYXU)

Most of February having been fairly miserable as far as flying weather goes, Family Day 2022 turned out to be a nice change and we decided, on short notice, to take advantage and get some control zone communication practice.

Training out of Burlington Airpark, an uncontrolled airport, we get comfortable with communicating with other pilots so finding opportunities to take trips for ATC communication practice is always fun. This time, we decided to take a trip to London, Ontario. The winds were a steady 10-12 knots, ceilings were high, and no precipitation in the forecast a perfect day to take out the Flight Design CTLS out for spin.

Burlington to London is only about 61 NM. We expected to be no more than 45 minutes each way. It turned out to be a lucky day since the altitudes we chose for each leg gave a tailwind both ways!

We summarized the trip in a short video below which captures the ATC audio and will be used for future student practice as well.

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